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The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited is the pioneer national organisation representing the interests of in-house lawyers working for companies and other entities based in Singapore.

We are committed to providing the support and elevation to the needs of in-house lawyers around the world through its close-knit global alliances. With an ever-growing membership and connections, it prides in building reputable regional training programs, leadership and industry conversations, legal counsel career toolkits, competency frameworks encompassing technical knowledge, skills, and the required right attitude and character for corporate lawyers.

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Topic: Voice and listening – the taboos ; conversational intelligence

Please join us for our next Wellbeing Wednesdays brought to you by SCCA's Wellbeing Chapter.

Session Facilitator:

We are pleased to announce the next "Wellbeing Wednesday"series. This one will be the fifth this year and part of the series by SCCA's Wellbeing Chapter for legal/compliance in house professionals in Singapore.

The conversations and dialogue will be held over lunchtime and during a lunch.

The SCCA is striving to continue its commitment to fostering the wellbeing of the in-house legal professionals in Singapore.

Please note that this is a specifically curated as an intimate and small event with limited spaces.

We strive to createasafe space to ensure engagement and meaningful conversations.

What you can get out of this session:

  1. Shared learnings and some tips and tools to consider.
  2. A safe space to discuss voicing your feelings, listening or being listened too and leveraging conversational intelligence.
  3. A look at some of the taboos around why people do not voice their feelings. Is it due to fear of rejection, being the odd person in the room, the desire to remain accepted, loss of social interaction skills through increased screen time amongst many other things. Constantly being spoken over or no one ever listening to you.
  4. Some things to reflect on so you become more mindful about behaviours and the impact this has on mental and physical wellbeing of yourself, your teams or generally and those around you.


  • The maximum capacity for this event is 14-16 pax. Accordingly, please register early to secure your place.
  • You maybe waitlisted, so please be patient, as we try and manage the numbers.
  • This is a self-pay event. You will be responsible for your own lunch/beverage costs.

When: Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Where: Town Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel.

Time: 12 Noon (SHARP) to 14:30pm

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Town Restaurant
Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square Singapore 049178

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