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…means to be a negotiator.

Whether you are settling a claim in international arbitration, concluding a high-stake merger deal, agreeing on a representation strategy with a colleague, or devising a liability clause in a contract, negotiation skills make all the difference when it comes to standing out as an exceptional legal professional.

But more than that: It is not just the quality of results that is widely impacted by your negotiation strategy and skills. Client satisfaction has been proven to be directly related to effective communication and a strong focus on client interests, also known as the client-centric negotiation approach.

Your clients' perception of the process and the way you manage a case or dispute has become just as important as the results, and negotiation skills are the golden bridge between outstanding legal results and superior client satisfaction.

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of negotiation principles, particularly the renowned Harvard Negotiation Concept. It will equip you with practical tools and techniques that can be applied to your everyday work, integrating various negotiation styles, powerful communication methods, and preparation frameworks.

Interactive negotiation role plays, case studies, discussion groups, preparation and feedback will enable you to:

  • Experience the power of interest-based negotiation and communication.
  • Explore strategies and tools for effective preparation and skilful execution.
  • Receive hands-on feedback that can be implemented immediately in your work.

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Course Details

Level 1: The Essential Negotiator Framework

 Introduction to Negotiation

  • The importance of negotiation skills in the daily practice of legal professionals
  • Understanding the fundamental principles and styles of successful negotiations

 Collaborative Negotiation: Growing the Pie (Harvard Style)

  • Leveraging interests to create value and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Generating options that meet the needs of all parties involved
  • Managing interpersonal conflicts by focusing on the problem, not the people

③ Competitive Negotiation: Splitting the Pie (Distributive Negotiation)

  • Employing effective opening offers and counteroffers, considering the "anchoring effect"
  • Utilizing BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) for optimal results
  • Applying concession strategies based on understanding human psychology

 Preparation for Negotiation

  • Seven steps to efficiently prepare for negotiations within a limited timeframe
  • Identifying objectives and priorities from both sides of the negotiation
  • Gathering relevant information, evaluating strengths, and exploring alternatives

 Effective Communication in Negotiation

  • Utilizing active listening and effective questioning techniques to gather information and gain insights
  • Implementing assertive communication strategies to express needs and interests clearly
  • Establishing rapport and building trust to foster constructive dialogue

What do people say about this course:

 Business and legal negotiations are increasingly based more on science than art. One can count on one hand the number of people with the knowledge and experience to provide effective, practical training. Claudia Winkler is unquestionably one of them. When she has conducted training for our company, the feedback has been uniformly phenomenal, with some of the participants noting that it was the best training they had ever taken in any subject, ever. 

 Michael McIlwrath - Global Chief Litigation Counsel at Baker Hughes GE

 Truly amazing course! Claudia managed to put so much useful input in a course which only lasted 8 hours in total. Usually, I am a bit sceptical about these kind of courses. What can be achieved in a couple of hours? Answer is: a lot when you participate in Claudia's course. She really knows how to motivate and push her clients. She provides a clear and structured guidance, immediately sees the strengths of her participants as well as their room for improvement and last but not least the course is fun! 

‣ Dr Ramon Sieven - Senior Legal Counsel, Public and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Onyx

 Claudia's negotiation training was an exhilarating and enriching experience. The case studies were very well drafted and unique. They made me think through and dive deep into the subject. It showed how knowing the core framework for interest-based negotiation along with the little negotiation secrets can make a long-lasting difference in your everyday success. 

‣ Swati Joshi - Asst. Manager, Legal at Fidelity Investments

 As lawyers, we tend to think we know a lot about negotiations but after two days of challenging workshops, well-fed with updated research and fuelled with excellent discussions, I am now able to choose from a whole new set of different techniques and strategies. Thank you to Claudia for the superb workshop, which is highly recommended to everybody in the legal field. 

‣ Christina Taeuber - Legal Counsel at STRABAG

 had the opportunity to be a part of Claudia's Legal Negotiation Workshop. It was honestly such a lovely session - so informative, yet still fun and engaging. I won't be forgetting the takeaways from the workshop anytime soon. 

‣ Disha Bhomawat - VP & Corporate Counsel APEC at Marriot International

 I love working with Claudia. She is the negotiator's negotiator. She is highly competent, fantastically talented and has great communication skills. I highly recommend working with her. 

‣ Prof. Nadja Alexander - Academic Director SIDRA at Singapore Management University

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Learning Modules

Negotiation Mastery for Legal Professionals series comprises of 3 Competency Levels and the course for each Level is held separately:

➤ Level 1 - The Essential Negotiator Framework

Level 2 - The Advanced Negotiator Toolbox

*You must complete Level 1 before taking Level 2

Level 3 - The Master Negotiator Strategy

*You must complete Level 2 before taking Level 3

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SCCA Competency Framework

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SILE-Accredited Activity

  • Practice Area: Professional Skills
  • Training Level: Foundation
  • Public CPD Points: 7

Trainer Profile

  • Dr. Claudia Winkler (Founder & Lead Trainer of The Negotiation Academy™)

    Dr. Claudia Winkler

    Founder & Lead Trainer of The Negotiation Academy™

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