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The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited is the pioneer national organisation representing the interests of in-house lawyers working for companies and other entities based in Singapore.

We are committed to providing the support and elevation to the needs of in-house lawyers around the world through its close-knit global alliances. With an ever-growing membership and connections, it prides in building reputable regional training programs, leadership and industry conversations, legal counsel career toolkits, competency frameworks encompassing technical knowledge, skills, and the required right attitude and character for corporate lawyers.

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For those joining the legal workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these can be confusing and trying times. Workplace norms are in flux, and different employers will have different expectations of junior lawyers. This talk is intended to help law students and new in-house counsels navigate uncertain waters and excel at their very first legal job. How should you deal with your boomer boss? How do you do a good job at work without sacrificing your mental health or work-life balance? Should you job-hop, or stay with the same employer? How do you reconcile post-COVID office norms (working from home, focus on outcome rather than process, email/IM interactions etc ) with "traditional" office norms that may still remain (working from office, importance of "face time", in-person interactions etc )? What are the differences between working in the private sector and the public sector? Through a series of real-life work scenario simulations, participants will come away with a trove of practical insights and pointers on how to bring their non-impostor best to the office.

Time : 13 Dec 2023 (Wednesday) 12 – 2 p.m.

Venue : This is an in-person event. Successful registrants will be informed of the venue details


Mr Tan Sze Yao Sze Yao (Director (Legal) at the Ministry of Health (MOH))

Mr Tan Sze Yao Sze Yao

Director (Legal) at the Ministry of Health (MOH)

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