The SCCA membership year runs from 1 March - end February each year.

Types of membership:






(6) BRIDGE MEMBERSHIP (Complimentary)


Please contact on how to apply for Bridge Membership.

Details on the Bridge Membership can be seen here

    12 months
    Package price


    1. SCCA Toolkit: All New SCCA Members will receive a SCCA Code of Conduct e-booklet, 1-hr online ethics training (mandatory) and a free legal privilege podcast
    2. SCCA Recognition & Privilege: SCCA as the national association supports HR departments and recruiters in due diligence procedures. We help authenticate your profile as an In-house counsel with organizations and recruitment agencies around the region, giving a head start to your career
    3. Pier Counsel Project: SCCA brings a new initiative, "PIER". The programme aims to pair young or transitioning lawyers to provide professional service for not-for-profit organisations (NGO).
    4. SCCA Newsstand – The InHouse: SCCA members get free access to legal updates via SCCA Newsstand powered by Lexology from the time you sign up.
    5. Certifications: Our Academic Programs are endorsed by industry leaders and high-profile In-house lawyers to stay updated with the global business needs.
    6. SCCA networking: Join us in our regular mixers that are being organised both online and offline, as we strive to connect more of our in-house together, including through our industry and general chapters!
    7. Job Posting: 1x free job posting for associate members, 3x for ordinary members and up to 5x for members with Premium Corporate/Associate Membership.
    8. Preferential rate at LawNet: SCCA Members get significant preferential rate if you sign up to Lawnet, more details on subscriptions and pricing can be found here.

    SCCA Partner Benefits

    1. 30 Minutes of Courtesy Advice -  Meritas, the world's premier legal network, offers SCCA members 30-minutes of *courtesy advice. SCCA utilize this opportunity and connect with our lawyers in over 250 markets worldwide.
    2. Legal Privilege Training Podcast - SCCA members receive an exclusive Legal Privilege Training Podcast by Providence Law ASIA. For more information drop us an email at
    3. Code of Ethics Training - SCCA members receive an exclusive Code of Ethics Training Video by Allen & Gledhill. For more information drop us an email at


    1. All corporate and in-house legal counsel in Singapore, including legal counsel seconded full time to corporations or other organizations as corporate or in-house legal counsel, working in government or public institutions or engaged in compliance or intellectual property right activities;
    2. All corporate and in-house legal counsel in the Asia-Pacific Region;
    3. All corporate and in-house legal counsel elsewhere in the world who possess, in the opinion of the Committee, a connection to Singapore, whether in the form of having had past employment in Singapore, having their present employers' headquarters or other operations in Singapore or having resident status in Singapore; and
    4. Honorary Membership is open to any person who, in the opinion of the Committee, has achieved a high standing in the in-house legal community in Singapore and/or elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific Region.


    Details                   Amount

    First time fee       S$200.00 (S$150.00 + S$50 [Admin fee] )

    Renewal Fee              S$150.00

    After June of Calendar year Pro-rated Fees S$12.50 per month + Admin fees

    **Admin FeesS$50.00

    12 months
    Package price


    Members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, or the School of Law, Singapore Management University or any other faculty or school of law approved by the Committee:

    1. Lecturers and tutors in law in any faculty or school in the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, or Nanyang Technological University, or any other institution of higher learning in Singapore, including polytechnics
    2. Alumni members of the Association
    3. Practising lawyers who are company secretaries, who in the opinion of the Committee, can contribute to the work of the Association; and
    4. Such other persons engaged in the provision of legal, contract management/administration, compliance, or corporate secretarial services or other related activities, as the Committee may in its absolute discretion deem appropriate.
  • Student Associate Membership
    12 months
    Package price

    Student Associate Membership

    Students pursuing a course of study in law in institutions of higher learning, including universities and polytechnics.

    Membership applications are subject to the approval of the SCCA Committee. The General Committee reserves the right to approve or reject any application or renewal without ascribing any reason whatsoever.


    Details                                 Amount

    Student Associate Membership Fee     $50.00 per member

    Renewal Fee                           $50.00 per member

    After June of Calendar year$10 per month + Admin Fees

    **Admin Fees$10.00