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APAC Legal Congress 2024 : Day 1 Introduction

Introduction by the APAC Legal Conference 2024 Steering Committee.

SCCA Co-Presidents Welcome Message

Co-Presidents, Singapore Corporate Counsel Association

Opening Keynote by Guest of Honour
Opening Show Performance
Keynote Address by In-house Counsel Worldwide (ICW)

In-house Counsel Worldwide (ICW) is a global network of member associations that represent the legal professionals who work as corporate counsel and/or in-house lawyers within companies or organisations.

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The APAC GC: What Are the Biggest Challenges Today?

Delve into the intricate landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, exploring the multifaceted role of a General Counsel (GC) in navigating the legal, regulatory, and business complexities. This panel-style exploration illuminates the dynamic challenges faced by legal leaders operating within the APAC framework. Through discussions with prominent GCs, legal experts, and industry influencers, the panel dissects the ever-evolving legal landscape, shedding light on issues such as cross-border regulations, cultural nuances, technological disruptions, and the balancing act between innovation and compliance. As the narrative unfolds, it underscores the strategic importance of the GC's role in fostering growth, mitigating risks, and shaping the future of business in the vibrant APAC region.

Doing More with Less: Managing Outside Counsel, Alternative Legal Service Providers & Internal Outsourcing

This session presents an examination of the shifting landscape in legal service management. The panel-style exploration navigates the strategic challenges and opportunities faced by legal departments aiming to optimise resources while maintaining quality and efficiency. Through insightful opinions with legal experts, industry leaders, and case studies, the session dissects the evolving role of outside counsel, the emergence of alternative legal service providers, and the growing trend of internal outsourcing. It scrutinises the considerations guiding the selection and integration of these diverse legal service models, emphasising the quest for cost-effectiveness without compromising on legal expertise or service excellence. The narrative offers a nuanced exploration of the pros and cons of each approach, showcasing successful strategies and potential pitfalls to empower legal professionals in making informed decisions. Ultimately, the session aims to provide practical insights and actionable guidance for legal departments seeking to optimise their operations in the modern legal landscape.

ESG: Does It Really Make Sense and Is It Really Worth It?

This discussion is a thought-provoking exploration into the world of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in business and society. This session discusses conventional perspectives, navigating through the complexities and controversies surrounding the adoption of ESG principles. Through discussions with industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders, the session explores the practical implications, benefits, and limitations of ESG frameworks. It unpacks the debate on whether ESG initiatives genuinely align with corporate interests, shareholder value, and societal impact or if they represent mere token gestures. The narrative delves into case studies, shedding light on successful implementations and instances where ESG efforts fell short, highlighting the nuanced dynamics at play. Ultimately, the session seeks to examine the long-term implications of ESG in shaping a sustainable future for both businesses and the world at large.

Lunch Break & Networking Session
Litigation, Arbitration or Mediation: What Is the Best Way to Resolve Disputes?

Venture into the intricate realm of conflict resolution, dissecting the merits and intricacies of three prominent methods. This panel-style exploration navigates through the legal landscape, showcasing the strengths and limitations of litigation, arbitration, and mediation in resolving disputes. Through expert opinions, case studies, and real-world examples, this session illuminates the nuances of each approach, shedding light on their respective processes, costs, timelines, and outcomes. The narrative doesn't just compare these methods but delves deeper, examining their suitability across diverse scenarios, industries, and cultural contexts. It prompts a critical evaluation of the factors influencing the choice of dispute resolution mechanism, empowering viewers to understand how each method aligns with their unique circumstances. Ultimately, the session aims to offer nuanced insights, guiding individuals and organisations in making informed decisions when faced with conflicts and emphasising the importance of choosing the most effective approach for achieving fair and satisfactory resolutions.

Managing the Legal Team: What Should Be the Most Influential Factors in Hiring, Terminating & Promoting?

Dive into the complexities of leadership within legal departments, focusing on the critical decisions surrounding team composition. This panel-style discussion explores the multifaceted dynamics of hiring, terminating, and promoting legal professionals. Through seasoned legal leaders, HR experts, and case studies from diverse industries, the panel dissects the influential factors that should guide these pivotal decisions. It navigates through considerations such as expertise, cultural fit, diversity, performance metrics, and evolving skill sets, emphasising the balance between technical prowess and soft skills crucial for team success. The narrative doesn't offer prescriptive solutions but rather presents an overview, encouraging delegates to contemplate the most influential factors in aligning their team strategies with organisational goals. By highlighting real-world experiences and expert insights, the session aims to empower legal leaders with the knowledge needed to make informed, impactful decisions in managing their legal teams.

Coffee Break & Networking Session
Navigating Trade & Supply-Chain Problems in the Recent Global Environment

Delve into the intricate challenges faced by businesses in the ever-evolving global marketplace. This panel-style exploration sheds light on the complexities and disruptions plaguing trade and supply chains in the contemporary world. Through expert opinions, real-world case studies, and analysis of geopolitical shifts, the session unravels the multifaceted issues impacting global trade routes and supply networks. It explores the ripple effects of geopolitical tensions, technological advancements, regulatory changes, and unforeseen crises on businesses' ability to maintain efficient and resilient supply chains. Moreover, the session discusses strategies adopted by industry leaders to mitigate risks, ensure continuity, and adapt to the volatile trade landscape. It aims to provide insights, empowering legal professionals to proactively navigate through trade and supply-chain challenges, and foster resilience and agility in an era of unprecedented global change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Are We Winning the Battle?

This session embarks on a thought-provoking exploration of the progress and challenges surrounding these pivotal societal ideals. Through a compelling narrative, the panel delves into the multifaceted dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion across various sectors and legal communities. Expert opinions, personal stories, and statistical insights converge to paint a picture of where we stand in the ongoing quest for equality. The panel navigates through successes, setbacks, and the complex interplay of socio-cultural factors that impact the advancement of DEI initiatives. It prompts introspection, raising crucial questions about systemic barriers, implicit biases, and the strategies needed to foster genuine and sustainable change. Ultimately, it aims to spark dialogue, inspire action, and challenge perspectives on the journey toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

APAC Legal Congress 2023 Closing Remarks

Closing remarks by the APAC Legal Conference 2024 Steering Committee.

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APAC Legal Congress 2024 : Day 2 Introduction

Introduction by the APAC Legal Conference 2024 Steering Committee.

Opening Keynote by Guest of Honour
Speaking/Panel Session Kickoff
Coffee Break & Networking Session
Data Is the “New Oil”: Key Issues for APAC GCs

Examine the pivotal role of data in the modern legal landscape within the Asia-Pacific region. This panel-style discussion unravels the intricate intersections between data, privacy, and legal considerations, illuminating the challenges and opportunities faced by General Counsels (GCs) in this data-driven era. Through expert insights, opinions from industry leaders, and case studies, the session navigates the evolving regulatory landscape, technological advancements, and the ethical dilemmas surrounding data usage and protection. It highlights the critical issues that APAC GCs confront, from navigating cross-border data regulations to safeguarding consumer privacy in a digitally interconnected world. Moreover, the session addresses the responsibilities and strategies GCs must embrace to navigate the complexities of data governance, compliance, and risk mitigation within their organisations. By providing a nuanced understanding of these key issues, the session aims to empower APAC GCs with the knowledge and foresight needed to navigate the intricate terrain of data management and regulation in the region.

Cryptocurrencies: What Is Left After CZ(Binance) & Sam Bankman-Fried(FTX)?

This session embarks on a captivating exploration of the cryptocurrency landscape. Through expert analyses, interviews with industry professionals, and a review of the cryptocurrency market dynamics, the session discusses the transformations brought about by these influential figures and their platforms. It navigates through the changes in market trends, regulatory responses, and the emergence of new players and technologies within the crypto realm. The session aims to probe the enduring impacts on the broader cryptocurrency landscape, prompting delegates to contemplate the future trajectory of the industry and seeks to provide a holistic perspective on the evolution of cryptocurrencies and their ecosystem, beyond the significant roles played by CZ and Sam Bankman-Fried, exploring the industry's ongoing innovations and challenges.

Digital Transformation: How Is It Changing the Way APAC GCs Do Their Job?

This session presents an exploration of the profound impact of digitalisation on the roles and responsibilities of General Counsels (GCs) in the Asia-Pacific region. This panel-style analysis ventures into the evolving landscape where technology is reshaping legal operations, compliance, and risk management. Through expert opinions, real-world case studies, and insights from industry leaders, the session navigates the transformative influence of digital tools, AI-driven solutions, and automation on the legal profession. It illuminates how APAC GCs are adapting to harness these technological advancements, addressing challenges and capitalising on opportunities presented by the digital era. Moreover, the session looks at the changing dynamics of cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance, highlighting the imperative for GCs to navigate these digital complexities effectively. By offering an overview of this paradigm shift, the session aims to equip APAC GCs with the knowledge and strategic insights necessary to thrive in an era defined by digital transformation, redefining their roles as integral drivers of innovation and legal excellence within their organisations.

Lunch Break & Networking Session
IP: What Are the Most Important Issues/Developments in APAC Today?

This session is an exploration of the intricate landscape of Intellectual Property (IP) within the Asia-Pacific region. This panel-style analysis delves into the forefront of IP challenges and advancements, dissecting the key issues and developments that shape the current legal and business landscape. Through expert opinions, case studies, and insights from industry leaders and legal experts, the session navigates the nuances of IP protection, enforcement, and innovation in APAC countries. It explores the evolving regulatory frameworks, technological disruptions, and cultural considerations that influence the dynamics of IP rights. The narrative highlights the significance of emerging technologies, global trade dynamics, and cross-border collaborations, emphasising their impact on intellectual property laws and practices. By presenting a view of the most crucial issues and developments in the realm of IP, the session aims to enlighten delegates about the complexities and opportunities within this ever-evolving landscape in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cybersecurity: How Should We Deal with the Biggest Problems (e.g., Ransomware, Hacking, Phishing)?

This session embarks on an exploration of the critical challenges and solutions within the realm of cybersecurity. This panel-style analysis delves deep into the escalating threats posed by ransomware, hacking, phishing, and other cyber intrusions that endanger individuals, businesses, and infrastructures globally. Through expert insights, real-world case studies, and opinions from specialists and thought leaders, the session sheds light on the evolving tactics of cyber threats and their devastating impacts. It explores the multifaceted strategies needed to combat these pervasive issues, emphasising proactive measures, technological innovations, and robust defense mechanisms crucial for safeguarding sensitive data and systems. Furthermore, the session discusses the intricate interplay between technology, human behavior, and regulatory responses, offering a perspective on the holistic approach required to mitigate cyber risks effectively. By presenting actionable insights and highlighting the urgency of addressing these pressing cybersecurity challenges, the session aims to raise awareness and empower individuals and organisations to fortify their defenses and navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Coffee Break & Networking Session
Asset Tokenization, CBDCs & Blockchain Technology: Are APAC GCs Ready for the Tsunami?

Delve into the transformative wave of blockchain innovations reshaping the financial and legal landscapes across the Asia-Pacific region. This panel-style analysis navigates through the complex interplay of asset tokenisation, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. Through expert opinions, real-world case studies, and insights from legal and financial experts, the session explores how these disruptive technologies are poised to redefine traditional financial systems, investments, and regulatory frameworks. It highlights the implications for General Counsels (GCs) as they grapple with the legal implications, compliance challenges, and opportunities presented by this seismic shift. The session explores the potential benefits, risks, and regulatory hurdles associated with asset tokenisation and the adoption of CBDCs, emphasising the need for GCs to navigate this evolving landscape adeptly. By providing an overview of these transformative forces, the session aims to empower APAC GCs with the knowledge and strategic foresight needed to harness the potential of blockchain technologies while effectively managing legal complexities in the rapidly evolving financial realm.

Alternative AI & Chat GPT: What Are the Current and Future Implications for APAC GCs?

Plunge into the transformative realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced chat systems, dissecting their impact on the roles and responsibilities of General Counsels (GCs) in the Asia-Pacific region. This panel-style exploration navigates through the evolving landscape of AI-powered legal tools, including chat-based GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) systems, and their implications for legal operations and decision-making. Through expert opinions, real-world case studies, and insights from legal and tech innovators, the session illuminates how these alternative AI technologies are revolutionising legal workflows, contract analysis, compliance, and risk management processes. It scrutinises the ethical considerations, limitations, and opportunities that AI and GPT-based systems present to APAC GCs, emphasising the need for a balanced approach in leveraging these technologies while ensuring legal accuracy, confidentiality, and ethical standards. Moreover, the session peers into the future, exploring the potential trajectory of AI advancements and their profound implications for the legal profession in the Asia-Pacific region. By providing a overview of the current and future implications of alternative AI and chat GPT for APAC GCs, the session aims to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and strategic insights needed to navigate this rapidly evolving technological landscape effectively.

APAC Legal Congress 2024 Closing Remarks

Closing remarks by the APAC Legal Conference 2024 Steering Committee.

*Conference tracks are subject to changes